Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One EMP Bomb Could Do It!

One large EMP bomb exploded over the central USA could wipe out all major communication networks, stop most vehicles from running, fry cell phones, radios and shutdown water treatment and power plants nationwide. The result would be like Americans living in the later 1800’s.

What's an EMP bomb? EMP stands for Electro Magnetic Pulse. Once triggered it destroys electrical circuits and wipes out computers. Think about that for a minute. Just about everything today runs on some kind of microchip and those chips would be fried! Pacemaker patients would most certainly be in serious medical conditions or die instantly. But there is no radiation or destructive power unleashed from an EMP bomb that would harm buildings, people or animals. We will be safe from injury, but will be set back in time 100 years or so.

Who could drop this bomb on us? IRAN! It wouldn’t take a sophisticated Korean or Chinese missile. All it would take is a medium size missile carried in a tramp steamer cargo hold that would approach the US just outside our offshore territorial limit. Once Iran has nuclear capability it can outfit one of its current missiles to launch an EMP bomb from near our shore over the central part of the country.

Assuming this actually happened (it’s a serious concern of our government right now), how long would the blackout conditions last? It’s hard to say for sure, but it could take weeks, months or even years to recover. Remember, everything electronic will need to be repaired or replaced…EVERYTHING!

What would life be like after an EMP bomb event? Think back about 150 years. Modern cars and trucks would not be running and getting food delivered could be a serious problem. Railroad delivery of food would be spotty and people won’t be able to go to food depot points without cars. Finding where food is available would be extremely difficult without communications, assuming you have money to buy it with (most businesses will be closed, banks may not be open, growing your own food may be paramount, but you’ll have to guard your garden against marauders). Bicycles will become highly sought-after as will old cars without electronic ignitions. And you think the carjack situation is bad now…even bicycles will be targets. Just going out to buy food could be very dangerous unless you’re in a large armed group. You’ll see some of your neighbors revert to animals to survive (I’ve had personal experience with that kind of behavior during nothing more than a severe winter storm that stopped food truck delivery for 5 days). It will happen!

So, what can we do in the event this happens?…BE PREPARED!. You need to stockpile the essentials of food, water, flashlights, money, medical supplies, etc., just like for any emergency, but you’ll need to plan for those supplies to last for several months. But when should you start preparing? Start now and add items on a regular basis to build up your supplies. There’s no need to stockpile all at once…as far as we know.

How will our government be able to protect us from this from happening, or help us if an attack does occur? The military says most of its equipment is “hardened” against an EMP attack, so it could be used for food and medical deliveries and police work on a limited basis. We’ll still have to take care of ourselves for the most part because the military can’t cover the entire country. In fact, the Selective Service may have to draft people again to swell the military ranks to handle our needs as well as defend us from further attacks like this.

I could go on with this, however I hope you get the picture and will take proactive action to protect yourself and family.